The nature of every place, its people and their activities are defined by snapshots capturing the state in which they are transitioning.  Through bringing together the transient elements of art and architecture, we aim to maximize the intellectual, aesthetic and financial value of creative and innovative experiences.

Yan Concept is a Hong Kong and Dongguan based creative brand.  It provides exhibition and event spaces to serve as a platform for young artists to showcase their talents, ideas and works.  As an organizer for special cultural programs and events, it aims to encourage the exchange of creative and innovative ideas across traditional boundaries.  Yan Concept is also a facilitator for the trading of art and designer goods.  It is founded in 2014 by a Hong Kong born American Architect who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with family originated from Dongguan.


Yan Garden

A cultural tourist destination off the beaten track rich with history and personalities.

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Yan Studio

Temporary galleries pop-up in signature buildings in city center locations.

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